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E-mail has rapidly become an integral and mission-critical aspect of corporate communication. Yet, spam is spreading at such a staggering rate that it threatens the viability of e-mail as a primary communication medium, straining your corporate resources and leaving your employees with a less than productive work environment.

Already, Mail-Block has seen the percentage of spam grow over the last two years from 8% in January 2001 to 41% in January 2003¹. The Gartner Group estimates that unless enterprises take action, this number will be greater than 50% by 2004².

Find out how Mail-Block© Anti-Spam Enterprise Edition, Release 2.0. Mail-Block’s newest anti-spam software, exclusively for enterprises, can answer your needs.

1 Source: The Gartner Group, December 2002: “Waves of Information Disruption Due in 2003”.
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  • Increase employee productivity
  • Reduce the amount of time employees spend reading, managing and talking about spam.
  • Savings
  • Mail-Block costs one-third as much as other systems and works 100% of the time.
  • Limit legal liability
  • Stop inappropriate and obscene content that may offend your employees. (Employees have already begun to file lawsuits against their employers claiming that pornographic spam creates a hostile work environment.)
  • Spam filters don’t cure the problem, they just provide a unsuccessful Band-Aid to the problem
  • Using black lists and other systems trample all over consumers First Amendment freedoms and open your company up to legal liability
  • Reduce IT costs
  • Reduce the amount of time IT administrators spend managing spam and answering spam related support questions.
  • Manage system resources, including mail server performance, storage, bandwidth and security better.
  • Use our Return On Investment calculator to tally your company savings
  • Accuracy
  • If you filter out even small amounts of legitimate mail, you create a liability for yourself and your company. Mail-Block verifies if the message was sent by a legitimate user both parties know if the message was not received. The end user has safe and secure business gateway to receive messages.
  • The end user chooses who is on his safe list.
  • Pre-loadable safe lists, imports for Enterprise. user
  • Effectiveness
  • If you pass the accuracy test, a solution’s value increases as it blocks more spam (without increasing the liability of filters).
  • Look for an effectiveness rate of 100% Mail-Block is the only product on the market today that makes this claim!
  • Minimal administration
  • One of the objectives of using an anti-spam solution is to improve employee productivity so you don’t want a solution that requires significant amounts of administration.
  • Look for a solution that does not require any maintenance, or updates to upload. Giving an outside company access to upload data to your network is a security risk.
  • Scalability & performance
  • E-mail is mission critical, so an anti-spam solution should not be the bottleneck for your mail infrastructure.
  • Look for a solution that can process messages faster than your mail server and allows you to easily and quickly add more capacity as your infrastructure, or the spam problem, grows.
  • Security
  • You want to provide your employees with the safest and most secure messaging infrastructure possible.
  • Responsiveness
  • Spammers are constantly finding ways around filters. They have figured out corporate e-mail solutions and frequently change their attacks. (Look for a solution that stays ahead of these changes and works well over time. Many solutions work well for the first few months, but then their performance starts to deteriorate. Mail-Block simple and effective solution has been proven over time.)