Small Business Edition

Mail-Block Small Business solutions provide a robust, stable, scalable, reliable mechanism for stopping unsolicited e-mail before it has a chance to reach its destination. is a Microsoft Certified Partner

Mail-Block is the only e-mail defense system software that operates as a standalone server, utilizing the innovative VERGL (Verified Embedded Randomly Generated Link ) technology for the handling of all unsolicited e-mail.

Mail-Block has proven to be extremely more effective in high volume situations than traditional e-mail “filters” used by other applications and service providers, because the Mail-Block server takes the load off the mail server when it’s processing messages. Additionally, the inherent security added by allowing Mail-Block to act as the MX (Mail Exchanger) for your domain, adds another level of defense from hackers seeking to exploit any exposed mail servers.

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  • Our In-House Mail-Block servers become your MX (Mail Exchanger) for your domain. This requires a simple DNS change to point incoming e-mail traffic to Mail-Block.
  • Mail-Block processes incoming e-mail to your companies specifications.
  • e-mail that has been approved is forwarded on to your internal e-mail server for local delivery.
  • You will have access to an administrators personal control panel to administer your Mail-Block server.
  • Your employees will have access to your their own Mail-Block personal control panel to edit their Mail-Block settings.

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Increase Employee Productivity
Reduce the amount of time employees spend reading, managing and talking about spam.
Mail-Block because of the simplicity and reliability cost one third of the other systems and works 100% of the time..
Limit Legal Liability
Stop inappropriate and offensive content that may offend your employees.
Employees have already begun to file lawsuits against their employers claiming that pornographic spam creates a hostile work environment.
Spam filters don’t cure the problem they just provide a unsuccessful band aid to the problem.
Using black lists and other ways trample all over consumers first amendment freedoms and open the administrator up to legal liability.
Reduce IT costs
Eliminate the amount of time IT administrators spend managing spam and answering spam related support questions.
Better manage system resources including mail server performance, storage and bandwidth and security .