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Mail-Block helps you eliminate
junk mail and Spam!

What’s the best protection against Unsolicited Commercial e-mail or Spam?

Introducing … Mail-Block … your personal e-mail assistant!

What is Mail-Block, and how does it work? Mail-Block is a Web-based program that instantly performs a multitude of functions for you. It works silently in the background, guarding your e-mail box from unwanted, intrusive and often offensive bulk e-mail or spam.

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Receive only the e-mail you want to receive and nothing else! Mail-Block puts you
back in control of your e-mail.

Mail-Block lets you receive only the e-mail you want to receive and nothing else! Mail-Block intercepts every incoming e-mail message and processes it based on your preferences. If the e-mail is from someone Mail-Block doesn’t recognize, it immediately sends back a VERGL (Verified Embedded Random Generated Link) e-mail asking the person who sent you the e-mail to verify that they did and are not a bulk mailer. If the e-mail is spam, it’s highly unlikely the link will be clicked, and the e-mail will sit in your “Stored” mail folder for two weeks until it expires. Thus, you’ll never even know you got the spam unless you check your “Stored” mail folder. Of course, if the e-mail is legitimate, the sender will click the link, and you’ll receive it.

In the unlikely event that spam from a persistent bulk mailer does get through, simply log into your Mail-Block account and place the originating e-mail address on your “Remove List” to instantly block any further e-mail from that address. You’ll never hear from them again!

You can also set up a “Safe List” to allow e-mail from friends, family members and business associates to be instantly recognized so you always get their e-mail without any verification request or delay.

Mail-Block.com is a Microsoft Certified Partner

Multi-platform compatibility

Mail-Block is compatible with all online e-mail services that allow you to forward your e-mail directly from your ISP’s e-mail servers to another server with the original e-mail headers. Another feature that comes with Mail-Block is Pop / Fetch. Pop / Fetch will retrieve e-mail from your existing POP enabled accounts as well as from these popular services: hotmail.com, aol.com, excite.com, yahoo.com, lycos.com, msn.com, gmail.com, amexmail.com, bigmailbox.com, canbox.com, caramail.com, check.com, inbox.net, mail.com, mailnow.com, outblaze.com, voila.fr, netscape.net and fastmail.fm. So you don’t have to give up your existing e-mail address!

Mail-Block is a copyrighted technology and one the best ways to protect your privacy on the Internet! In a nutshell, it works for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to guard against spam.

We’re so confident you’ll love Mail-Block, we’ll even let you try it for free for one month. If you don’t love Mail-Block and regaining control of your inbox as much as we think you will, there’s no obligation. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for your risk-free trial!

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