Mail-Block Personal Firewall

Firewalls have become as pervasive to individual desktops as their more complex network cousins — and just as vital. Connecting to the Internet without one, would be like leaving valuables in a safe without a door..

Personal Firewall monitors and allows connections that it knows to be trusted or authorized, preventing spread of worm attacks or theft of data at the desktop level where most of the critical corporate information is created.

Personal Firewall keeps you safe from hackers and other online criminals by eliminating unauthorized access to your PC — at home, the office, or on the road. Top-rated by reviewers and customers alike, Personal Firewall is simple to use, highly effective, and priced for the value-minded. Learn More

Gartner Recommends Personal Firewall Deployment
Gartner has recently recommended that all enterprise computers be equipped with a personal firewall.
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